Abandoned History

Abandoned History

6 Episodes

Ever wonder what happened to your favorite gadgets, entertainment spots, and more? Wonder no more, as we explore all of them in Abandoned History!

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Abandoned History
  • Microsoft Zune - Abandoned History

    Episode 1

    In the early-2000s, Apple had completely disrupted the music industry, from both a hardware and software standpoint. Not wanting to be left out in the cold, Microsoft responded with their own take on a music ecosystem. Watch the story of the Microsoft Zune, on this episode of Abandoned History.

  • The Death of Pebble - Abandoned History

    Episode 2

    After a meteoric rise to fame on the most successful Kickstarter at that time, everything crashed just as quickly. Watch and learn about the rise and fall of Pebble, on this episode of Abandoned History.

  • The Story of the Apple iBook - Abandoned History (With The 8-Bit Guy)

    Episode 3

    By 1996, Apple was in very rough shape, from both a tech and business perspective. As a last-ditch attempt to fix their ailing business, Apple acquired NeXT and hired their former founder Steve Jobs, and one of his first major product developments was a brightly-colored laptop that bucked industr...

  • Windows Project Longhorn - Abandoned History

    Episode 4

    After Windows XP, and before Windows Vista, there was Microsoft's beta version of Windows, codenamed "Longhorn". Learn about how this early version of Windows evolved into what would eventually become Windows Vista, on this episode of Abandoned History.

  • iPhone Prototype-Acorn OS - Abandoned History

    Episode 5

    Today, iOS is a well-known and highly-polished mobile operating system, loved and used by millions of people daily. However, before the introduction of the original iPhone, Apple was considering a slightly different direction. Watch and learn about the iPhone's prototype Acorn OS on this episode ...

  • Flip Video by Pure Digital

    Episode 6

    Flip Video was a line of pocket camcorders made famous by their flip out USB port. The line was made by Pure Digital and consisted of the consumer Flip Ultra and more premium Flip Mino and Flip Mino HD. When the Flip line was bought by Cisco in 2009, it started a downhill trend that lead to their...