Amor Sciendi

Amor Sciendi

8 Episodes

Come join us in our series, as we use art work to teach interesting things! Make sure to follow AmorSciendi (!/AmorSciendi)

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Amor Sciendi
  • The Ambassadors - Anamorphosis and Visual Metaphor

    Episode 1

    We discuss Hans Holbein's The Ambassadors and how anamorphosis works.

  • Elizabeth and the Iconography of Ubiquity

    Episode 2

    Queen Elizabeth never looks quite real in her portraits... I propose a couple reasons why.

  • St. Paul's - Temple to Science

    Episode 3

    Here we discuss the building of St. Paul's Cathedral in London. Christopher Wren was a founding member of the Royal Society, and his plans for rebuilding St. Paul's reflect the importance of scientific study in London during the time.

  • Rain, Steam and Speed - the Mechanized Conquest of England

    Episode 4

    JMW Turner's Rain, Steam and Speed illustrates the complexity of cultural change.

  • Nature Temporarily Mastered

    Episode 5

    Crystal Palace poetically exemplified the goals of the industrial revolution in England. Here we discuss the cultural impact of the impressive structure.

  • The Greatest Modern Building?

    Episode 6

    How can a building define a city? A look at London's "Gherkin" designed by Sir Norman Foster will give us some insight.

  • The Arnolfini Marriage - Sacred to Secular

    Episode 7

    You'll see the Arnolfini Marriage in every art history text book. Historians love it because it illustrates a dynamic moment in European history.

  • Picasso Captures a Time Period

    Episode 8

    This Picasso painting is one of his most famous, and one of the most influential and important pieces of art in history. Why?