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Auram's Comics

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Ever wanted to know more about the comic book characters you know and love? On this show we talk about all things Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Indie, and everything in-between! Make sure to follow @AuramAlexander (

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Auram's Comics
  • Marvel Metals - CAPTAIN AMERICA's Shield, WOLVERINE's Claws, & THOR's Hammer!

    Episode 1

    Today on the Show With Issues we figure out what Captain America's shield, Wolverine's claws, and Thor's Hammer are all made of by discussing Marvel's fictional metals Adamantium, Vibranium, and Uru!

  • Doctor Strange - What is Marvel Magic

    Episode 2

    Today on the Show With Issues, we're joined by Tyler from The Imaginary Axis to talk about all things magical in the Marvel Comics universe! Using Doctor Strange and Iron Man as examples, we compare their worlds' advanced science and technology in relation to magic and also talk about Ian McNee's...

  • EVERY Batman Origin EVER!

    Episode 3

    Today on the Show With Issues we gear up for Batman v Superman by talking about every origin of Batman throughout the 75 years of his history! We even get around to touching on some tidbits about Alfred, Bruce Wayne's exercise routine, and how the Earth-Two Batman died.

  • Why SUPERMAN is Only Interesting as a VILLAIN! (w- ComicDrake)

    Episode 4

    Today on the Show With Issues my good friend ComicDrake and I try to figure out why DC's poster boy, Superman, is only really interesting as a super villain!

  • Why Do Superheroes Wear Costumes

    Episode 5

    Today on the Show With Issues we tackle one of the questions that not many people seem to ask, why is it that superheroes really wear costumes? Oh, and it's the Halloween special so I dressed up! Yay!