9 Episodes

Every car has a story. AutoMoments is dedicated to telling these stories through beautiful video, insightful interviews, and humorous commentary.

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  • 1967 Ford Mustang - Enjoying Classic Automotive Simplicity

    Episode 1

    Buckle your seatbelts, because AutoMoments is back with another Time Warp Test Drive! This time, we're heading to 1967 to cruise in a Ford Mustang hardtop. And since this is our first time behind the wheel of a classic Mustang, we walked away with some interesting thoughts.

  • 1962 Rambler Classic - George Romney's Compact Car Revolution

    Episode 2

    Sometimes the most valuable part of a car is its history. This 1962 Rambler Classic represents the final year for a design that not only saved a company but launched a compact-car revolution in the United States. That revolution was led by one of the auto industry's most extraordinary CEOs—Geor...

  • 1982 DeLorean DMC-12 - Driving the Car of Dreams - AutoMoments

    Episode 3

    Time and again, bold entrepreneurs think they have what it takes to break into the auto industry, only to have their dreams shattered. What caused John DeLorean, a shoe-in for the General Motors presidency, to abandon his career and start his own car company? We take a look back in history and ...

  • 1976 AMC Pacer - Why do People Love to Hate this Car- - AutoMoments

    Episode 4

    The car world loves to hate the Pacer, but how many of those people have actually driven one? After producing an entire documentary about the car, we decided to test one for ourselves. While far from perfect, we found the Pacer to not be nearly as bad as people claim. In fact, this strange lit...

  • 1986 Ford F-250 - History of Ford's 1st Diesel Pickup - AutoMoments

    Episode 5

    When Ford and International Harvester got together, it was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. While the buying public fell in love with this truck's powertrain, it's a shame that some of its other virtues have been lost in the chaos of the 21st century. Sometimes a humble work truck is al...

  • 1955 Packard Patrician - Luxury Car from a Bygone Era - AutoMoments

    Episode 6

    With a 5.7 liter V8 and "Ultramatic" transmission, this 1955 Packard is a rarity for sure. It takes you back to a time before the BMW 3 Series set a precedent that luxury had to mean performance. While the Patrician is far from perfect, it's a great piece of history, and the ride really is subl...

  • 1986 AMC Eagle - Off-Road in a Vintage 4WD Wagon - AutoMoments

    Episode 7

    Before wheel slip detection and torque-vectoring software, the AMC Eagle revolutionized the 4WD world with its viscous coupling transfer case. Sadly, financial hardships and a lack of updates prevented this hero from saving American Motors Corporation.

  • 1972 Cadillac Eldorado - 8.2 Liters of V8 Power! - AutoMoments

    Episode 8

    Few cars are as "American" as the Cadillac Eldorado. On this Time Warp, we're going to back to 1972 and experiencing the open air in an Eldorado drop top. This car may be an incredible example of American excess, but it's also a blast to drive.

  • 1968 AMC Rebel - The Last AMC Convertible - AutoMoments

    Episode 9

    A lot changed at American Motors from 1962 to 1968, and one way to unravel that history is to follow the lineage of this 1968 Rebel SST convertible. Plus, it's a lot of fun to drive on a beautiful fall day...