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Is Russia In Europe Or Asia?

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Why Are Diamonds So Expensive?

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  • Is Russia In Europe Or Asia?

    Russia, the largest country on Earth. Home to over 200 million people and an important player on the world stage. The thing is where exactly is Russia? Is it in Europe or is it in Asia. Let’s find out.

  • What is 'The West'?

    We hear about “Western Involvement”, “Western Values”, and “Western Interests” in the media. People say that the West is the best, or that the West is in decline. Some country is either Westernising or hates the West's way of life.

    The West is the countries with democracies and free markets ri...

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    Thor' hammer Mjolnir is famous. He uses it throughout Norse Mythology and in the Marvel Universe. But where does Thor's hammer come from. Who made it and why? In this video I will tell the tale of Thor's hammer. Like much of Norse Mythology Loki's meddling is involved . Thor's hammer will eventua...