Laughing Historically

Laughing Historically

7 Episodes

Join brothers Brandon and Nevin on their crazy trip through time as they dive into some of the weirdest (but true!) and interesting bits of world history. Laughing Historically is a fun educational web show that’s teacher/classroom friendly and great for kids of all ages! Make sure to follow @laughhistory (

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Laughing Historically
  • Christopher Columbus was a Real Jerk! - The 4th Voyage

    Episode 1

    Christopher Columbus was far from the man you learned about in school. We tell you what really happened on his fourth voyage and just how big of a con-artist he really was.

  • Blackbeard's Two Years of TERROR - The Pirate's Rise and Death

    Episode 2

    How did Edward Teach, aka Blackbeard go from an unknown to the most notorious pirate in history in only two years? We explain the origins of piracy to Blackbeard's gory death.

  • Vikings - The Real Ragnar Lodbrok

    Episode 3

    We pillage through history to find the true facts behind The History Channel’s “Vikings.” Who exactly was the real Ragnar Lodbrok?

  • Hitler’s Olympics - Berlin 1936 - History of The Olympic Games

    Episode 4

    Think Rio Olympics 2016 are boring? It could always be worse, Adolf Hitler could have hosted. We run down the 1936 Berlin Olympics, when the world formally met the Nazi Party and Jesse Owens.

  • The ALAMO - Texas Revolution History

    Episode 5

    What exactly was everyone remembering about The Alamo anyway? We run down the history of San Antonio’s most famous landmark and the battle that put it on the map.

  • The Toilet - A Stinky History - Ancient Rome to Medieval England

    Episode 6

    Time for the real Game of Thrones... where we walk you through an invention you have probably used more than your iPhone, unless you also use your iPhone on it. How did people poop in ancient rome and medieval England, and where did it all go? The answers will disturb you.

  • Was Benedict Arnold a Traitor - The Treason Explained

    Episode 7

    Does the treason of the Revolutionary War’s Benedict Arnold make him the worst traitor in history or was he an American hero? Was he both? We explain the military career, the plot to hand George Washington and West Point over to Andre, and the later life of one of the most infamous characters ever.