Retro SciTech

Retro SciTech

5 Episodes

Come take a journey into the future of yesterday. Bringing you the best in short-form documentaries from the 80s and earlier.

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Retro SciTech
  • Before Saturn - 1960's NASA Rockets & Science Educational Documentary

    Episode 1

    This is a NASA documentary explaining the development of rocketry, covering early Chinese rockets, advances made during World War 2 with rockets like the V2, the early years of NASA's manned and unmanned space program, and culminating in the successful launch of the Saturn 1B booster.

  • Projects Mercury, Gemini & Apollo Overview - NASA Educational Documentary

    Episode 2

    This film features historical film clips from NASA's Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo programs. Scenes include launches, on-orbit activities, and splash downs.

  • Project Apollo, Manned Flight to the Moon

    Episode 3

    Project Apollo, the American space program to land men on the moon, originated in 1960. On July 28-29, 1960, the Apollo program was announced to US industry representatives. This NASA documentary takes a look at the program.

  • Spaceship Skylab - Wings of Discovery - NASA Space Station Documentary

    Episode 4

    This short documentary describes the Skylab discoveries and accomplishments that are changing the way we look at the world. Telescopes show an enormous mass of energy erupting from the Sun's surface, each second radiating more energy than has been used by man since the beginning of civilization. ...

  • NASA - The Space Shuttle - 1977 Educational Space Documentary

    Episode 5

    NASA outlines the goals and advantages of its Space Shuttle program. At the time of the films production the shuttle "Enterprise" had not yet flown its tests, and NASA still hoped to launch the orbiters first space mission in 1979. The film relies heavily on animations and artists conceptions to ...