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Decline of Joseon Korea

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The Shogunate- History of Japan

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  • Decline of Joseon Korea

    See how the Joseon dynasty of Korea (1392 - 1910) went from a prosperous nation that led Korea through its golden age to a broken nation ridden with poverty and corruption.

  • History of China - The Jin (Jurchen) ...

    The Jīn dynasty was a medieval Sincized empire that ruled Manchuria and Northern China in the 12th and 13th centuries. It was founded by the Jurchen or Jušen people, Tungusic hunter-gatherers of Manchuria.

  • Rise and Fall of the Tang Dynasty

    The Tang dynasty (618-907), representing a golden age in Chinese history, was a great empire of military might, cultural richness, and flourishing commerce. Its capital and structure of government would be envied by many and copied by successors and even neighbors for centuries to come, and the T...