Why Complex

Why Complex

6 Episodes

Why Complex attempts to explain how the hell we got here. Through the lens of science and philosophy, history and politics, I look at concepts as big as the Big Bang and as small as what you ate for breakfast. Make sure to follow @whycomplex (https://twitter.com/whycomplex)

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Why Complex
  • Where the hell do TROUSERS come from?

    Episode 1

    Marauding hordes, virile masculinity and female coal-miners, the story of humanity's favourite clothing has a few more surprises than you might think.

  • Where the hell does CHAOS come from?

    Episode 2

    Butterflies and demons, fractals and phase space, Why Complex explains the science behind Chaos Theory.

  • What the hell does INSANITY mean?

    Episode 3

    How do you know if you are insane? Why Complex explains the history, philosophy and science of madness.

  • Where the hell do PARALLEL WORLDS come from?

    Episode 4

    Are parallel universes just a cool science fiction plot device, or do they actually exist? Why Complex makes the case for parallel worlds using philosophy, cosmology and quantum mechanics.

  • Where the hell do BANANAS come from?

    Episode 5

    Could millions of bananas be wiped out? Well it has happened before. Cloning and GM, coups and colonialism, Why Complex explains the complicated history behind the oft-eaten banana.

  • Where the hell does GRAVITY come from?

    Episode 6

    Ever get confused between Newton's Gravity, Einstein's General Relativity and Quantum Gravity? Why Complex explains how we got from one to the other, what they all mean, and which is really right.